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what we do

We’re Digital Takeout, a company dedicated to the Shopify environment and capable of building custom online stores, apps and any specialized Shopify tool. Helping businesses in more than 25 countries.

 Our main objective is to offer the best quality to the client, but let us tell you who we are and what our DNA is...

Digital takeout

our mission

Our mission: that our clients have useful tools that respond to their particular needs in the Shopify environment and that provide solutions to the actions they wish to carry out on the platform, meeting any need in this environment, whatever its complexity. .

our vision

Our vision: Favor an operating environment from an ethical and environmental commitment based on digital technology. As a company we put all our effort into sustainability, into not generating unnecessary consumption of materials such as paper or plastic. Our vision is to carry out a job well done that is also linked to our values.

our values

Our values: Our fundamental value is quality as the only way of working and the customization of the applications that are made in Shopify and that give the best response to the client. Among our values as a company is also helping non-profit organizations and associations that need jobs both in the Shopify environment and in other programs and digital platforms, supporting initiatives that promote the fight to end social exclusion, in any of its Aspects. So it could be said that Digital Takeout promotes quality, transparency, sustainability of resources and the environment and social commitment.

Digital Takeout team
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Customer experience is the most important thing in our work


We help NGOs and associations that need digital resources with our work


The best tools for Shopify


We promote respect for our planet, animals and plants


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